Rikky Cohn

Host Sydney

Full-stack technical developer, June 2015 — present

Host is the ideal place to extend my skill set, working in a tight-knit digital team that I'm proud to be part of. Together we've handled some great campaigns with Subaru, Sydney Water, Pizza Hut and Air New Zealand.

The typical build is fully responsive HTML5 running on an instanced LAMP server. In terms of programming languages, at Host I've developed or maintained projects that were written in PHP, C#, JavaScript, Node.js, Perl, Python and Ruby.

2016 in review:

OMG! Unreal Deals

Launching just after Christmas, OMG! Unreal Deals is the third effort in a series of America-centric campaign websites for Air New Zealand.

We worked from traditional animation storyboards to translate the "selfie" theme into an intuitive, fluid experience across desktop and mobile.


Become an #aquavist

This campaign for Sydney Water emphasises the myriad benefits of not drinking bottled water, encouraging proud locals to tell everyone why they choose tap.

Public posts tagged with "#aquavist" on Instagram are dynamically populated across the tile-based layout as the user scrolls through.


NZ All Stars

NZ All Stars is a content-managed web portal that allows travel consultants to log seats they sell on Air New Zealand flights.

Every booking secures them a better chance in the next draw, where some of the luckiest entrants will win a sponsored trip to an exotic locale.